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The Estate

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Present in Reichsfeld since the 12th century, the vine reaches our family around 1704 and never leaves it.

The 1870 war saw our estate expand. Joseph Bleesz, hired to replace the sons of wealthy families on the front, raised the money needed to make his dream purchase: a few more vines.

His grandson, Marcel, a man of imposing presence and importance, cheerfulness and conviviality, brought a lot to the family vineyard. A broker for the Hospices de Strasbourg, one of the first in the canton to use grafting, he turned his cellar into a much courted place.

Léon and Denise succeed him and expand the vineyard considerably

For nearly 25 years now, Christophe, assisted by his wife Monique, has been continuing the adventure at the head of the estate. Passionate about his wine, passionate about his vineyard, he tries to master everything it can be... In his constant quest for perfection, he relies on innovation, always on the lookout for those little things more capable of infusing uniqueness.
Innovation? Yes. But with a clear concern for the environment and without compromising on the natural methods used: even if the task is of course back-breaking, the current 13 hectares of vines, mostly on hillsides, are still almost entirely worked by hand! All this in the context of integrated cultivation management and permanent attention to the needs of the plots

The ambition of the estate: to produce wines of high quality, in a spirit of sharingtransmissionpassion, a family spirit as well as one open to trends and developments...

We owe it to our exceptional environment, to our land cherished by the generations that preceded us.… 

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