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Activities at Domaine Bleesz

Guided by our love of the job, we organise various activities designed both to make the vine and its work known and to let people discover our wines.

We offer you:

Cellar tour with tasting:

Stasting room (10-12 people), room for larger groups (possibility to welcome 35 persons). To be sure to find us available (our vines constantly demand our time), do not hesitate to let us know when you arrive... We will be delighted to welcome you and let you taste our wines. Children are also welcome: for them, we produce 100% natural grape juice!

Explanations in the vineyards (on request):

a tour through the vineyard, guided by the winegrower... nothing like it to understand life in the vineyards and know everything about wine production! Group tours followed by a tasting.


Home tastings (by appointment and from 15 people):

Organise a tasting at home? That's possible. Get your guests together... we take care of the wine and the kouglof: they will be able to taste and make their choice at their ease! For the more remote regions, we try to combine our trips with a presence at a trade fair... If this option interests you, we invite you to contact us directly (03 88 85 53 57 or via the contact form!).

Picnic at the winegrower's house on Pentecost Sunday and Monday:

open door to very convivial tasting. A hike in the morning opens your appetite. At our place, you will then take your meal out of the bag, for a picnic that is a little bit special: we place our barbecue at your disposal... and serve the wines, gracefully, all day long!

Christmas at the winegrower's house:

  • We invite you to our "Christmas at the Winemaker's House" days.

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